How to Correct shampoo your hair

Shampoo hair may seem simple, but it contains a lot of hair care knowledge. Incorrect shampoo will increase the heavier burden on the hair and resulting in hair shedding, so lokshair advice you to pay attention the way to wash your hair.

1. Please don’t put the shampoo on the head directly before the hair is not wet or not full wet. Only the hair is thoroughly wet, then can wash off the dirt, and avoid the injury of scalp.

2. Please rub the shampoo by your hand before put it on your head, so that can reduce the stimulation of scalp by shampoo, then prevent basic residues, prevent dandruff.

3. Shampoo time cannot be too short, otherwise, the hair is still not clean, and the shampoo residues would remain on the scalp, it will accumulate the oil near the back of the head.

4. Shampoo is not only clean the hair, but also clean the scalp. Otherwise, accumulation of sebum on the scalp are easy to breed bacteria dandruff, it will make hair shed easily.

5. Rinse shampoo thoroughly, and wash it by several times before using the hair conditioner.

6. Massage your head and scalp with your fingertips around 3 weeks, it can make you relaxed.

7. Hair conditioner cannot replace of the shampoo, though hair conditioner are nutrients, and are good for the hair growth, but the effects is different with shampoo, cannot replace each other. The most important thing is not able to wipe conditioner directly to the scalp, because it can cause clogging pores, affecting the scalp health and a series of problems.

8. Do not wash your hair often. Even oily hair, it is better not to wash your hair twice a day or more, otherwise, it will wash away essential oils and damage hair cuticle easily.

9. Choose the right shampoo, only once or twice at a little rash judgment, only the continued using, then you can make the correct judgment.

10. Change the shampoo often, hair condition is different in different seasons, if always used the same shampoo, it is hard to take care well of your hair.

11.  Avoid the excessive force when shampoo, when wash the hair, in order to clean the hair better, someone will rub firmly with their fingers, and that will make the hair rub by each other, so the hair cuticle is damaged. This time, the buffer of preventing friction from the hair is the delicate bubble. So good foaming shampoo is the secret to protect the hair cuticle and keep the hair beautiful.

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